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We build back Stronger & Better!

Our Engineers have the capabilities , knowledge and expertise

to design and manufacture

customized, specialty tooling for all

your project requirements.  

Where are your manufacturers located?

Southeast Asia, Canada, and the United States. We source our products from quality manufacturers with proven performance around the world.

What is the usual lead-time for orders?

Lead-time is usually approximately 20-25 days (if the product is not already in stock). We maintain a great relationship with our manufacturers to speed up the process to meet your deadline.

Do your manfacturers meet local quality standards?

Yes. All of our manufactures are vetted and meet internationally recognized quality (ISO:9001) and environmental standards (ISO:14001). We compete with major brands around the world!

Do I need to manage delivery or customs on imported products?

No. All imported products include the management of customs and delivery from the factory to your site.

Drill-hub connects contractors to quality manufacturers around the world in order to avoid paying for expensive brands. Our value is making the RFQ, customization, and shipment processes as seamless as possible.

Contact Information

Office: 403-701-4004
Main Email: info@drill-hub.com


Drill Hub Inc.
10885 – 84th Street S.E
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2C 5A6

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Mon – Fri